About LapeerNow.com

This is the only place online to see video of activities and meetings in the Lapeer County and the city itself. We are a hyper-local multimedia communication outlet for the city of Lapeer as we go out and shoot the city + county commission meetings and also edit them once or twice a week to put on our website.

Roy Sexton is the founder of LapeerNow. He founded it in 2010 at the peak of his retirement and asked many of his employees from the local area and from other areas to come and help the community to spread awareness of it. He is also one of the founders of the Meditation Self Healing Center of Lapeer. Like and follow their facebook page here.

We are committed to spread the word of not just the success of the Lapeer Community Schools, but just the city of Lapeer in general. With that, we need a lot of people to help us with our communication to give back to the community. To contact us about employment info, visit our facebook page or follow us on twitter. Thank you and enjoy whatever goes on in our community